Doug Stauffer, All Bluster and No Bite

Pretrib, hyper-dispensationalist Doug Stauffer is out there going on radio shows arguing for his pretrib view with really, really bad arguments. Here is the most recent of his. He is also attacking the prewrath position. He is conveying the following bluster, which can be summarized as follows: Stauffer: I challenge prewrathers to defend your view […]

A Public Debate Challenge for Pretribulationist Dr. Doug Stauffer

Pretrib teacher Dr. Doug Stauffer was recently interviewed on View from the Bunker with host Derek Gilbert. His argumentation was deeply flawed and simply bad. Not to mention that—not surprisingly—he grossly misrepresents the prewrath position. Either Mr. Stauffer has not read primary prewrath literature, is incompetent, or being dishonest. He claims the prewrath position is […]

Why Dr. David Reagan Refuses to Defend His Pretribulationism Publicly

I have had a standing debate invitation for David Reagan of Lamb & Lion Ministries for several years now. Recently, Reagan wrote a few blog articles critiquing prewrath. They were really bad and shallow. So I issued another challenge to him in the combox of one of his articles. Today, he wrote me via email […]

A Rapture Debate Challenge for Pastor David Guzik of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara

[Second update: Calvary Chapel Pastor David Guzik Cancels Plans for the Rapture Debate] [Update: Mr. Guzik contacted me and expressed an openness for a debate. There is no commitment at this point, since he will be oversees just before October 10. So I have suggested that I can come to Santa Barbara on a day that […]

Pretrib Teacher Turns Down Debate Invite…

I have received requests from people who would love to see a debate take place between myself and pretribulational teacher and author Dr. Mark Hitchcock. Recently, Eschatos Ministries invited Dr. Hitchcock for a Prewrath vs. Pretrib debate on the question whether the Antichrist will arrive before the rapture. He has declined. He cited that he […]

DEBATE AUDIO: Pretrib, Prewrath, and Posttrib Rapture Debate…

[Recent Debate on the Rapture Here]   The following rapture debate was held on October 9, 1999 at Irving Bible Church, Irving, Texas. About 600 were in attendance. The moderator was Kerby Anderson. My commentary on the debate is below. The following are the four parts of the debate with a rebuttal period after each […]

Debate: Marvin Rosenthal (Prewrath) vs Dave Hunt (Pre-trib)

I am going to briefly comment on this radio debate between Marvin Rosenthal and Dave Hunt. I would have preferred this to be a formal radio debate with rebuttals and cross-examination and the moderator enforcing time limits. Instead it was a back and forth debate. But you take what you can when you have an […]

Responding to Joe Bell of Calvary Chapel Lafayette, and a Challenge to Defend his Position in a Public Debate

Joe Bell replied to me writing an egregious ignorant email about the prewrath position. I will respond to it point by point here. He writes: With all due respect brother, you mean the church needs to be taught a death theology that you propagate because very few believers will make it through the first three […]

An Open Debate Challenge to Jimmy DeYoung on the Timing of the Rapture

“The first to state his case seems right, until his opponent begins to cross-examine him.” —Proverbs 18:17 Mr. Jimmy DeYoung I would like to challenge you to a public moderated debate on the timing of the rapture: Prewrath vs. Pretribulationism. Will you accept? We can schedule for summer at a location of your choosing. A […]