An Encouraging “Prewrath Pamphlet Story”

A month ago I began publishing the Prewrath Pamphlet Series™ and now, thanks to many of you, there are thousands in print and disseminated all over this country (It is argued that Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense was the difference in the Revolutionary War!).

Many people, who would not otherwise read a book on prewrath, are reading these pamphlets, the most popular, Prewrath: What Is It? For example, pastors are very busy but not too busy to read a pamphlet under ten minutes.

So I am enjoying reading the pamphlet stories that are beginning to trickle in. For example, here is a brief email I received just today:

I gave one to Kevin and then he had me give him a prewrath presentation. He was against pretrib but didn’t understand how to differentiate between the Day of the Lord and Satan’s wrath. Now he gets it and agrees wholeheartedly. –Mike

That would be nice if everyone who read a prewrath pamphlet would be persuaded quickly to prewrath, but at least you know there will be people who after reading them will want to know more.

So don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a pamphlet. If Thomas Paine can undermine the juggernaut of British dominance, a prewrath pamphlet can undermine the juggernaut of pretribulational dominance!


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