Public Debate Challenge for BILLY CRONE to Defend His Pretribulational Imminent Rapture

Billy Crone is a pretrib teacher who dogmatically claims that the Bible teaches the imminent return of Jesus.

I am putting out this public debate challenge to Mr. Crone asking him to defend his claims in a public moderated debate with myself. He can take the affirmative: The Bible teaches the imminent return of Jesus. I will take the denial.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for meaningful discussion on this all-important topic of eschatology, not the least bring glory to Christ in the proclamation and articulation of the truth of his Word. The body of Christ would benefit from hearing both sides of the issue and their interaction with each other.

What better venue to have the debate than at Gary Stearman’s 1st annual Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum Registration (October 13-15, 2017) put on by Prophecy Watchers. This would be a chance for Crone to defend his claims in front of a pretrib audience, while at the same time debunk the prewrath position that he thinks is easily refuted.

We shall see if he is willing to defend his views publicly. I am willing.


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