Shameful Pretrib Billy Crone Lies by Saying Prewrath Promotes Anti-Semitism

Billy Crone continues to misrepresent and lie about the prewrath position. He has been challenged to defend his views and statements publically in a debate, but refuses to do so. He knows he cannot do it. I explain below why pretribs are having these desperate and ungodly reactions to prewrath.

Now Crone has taken his deception to a new level by defaming the prewrath position by stating that it and other views who think the church will enter into the 70th week are promoting “anti-Semitism.” That is first rank twisted logic.

Mr. Crone, you need to retract your statements on claiming that prewrath promotes anti-Semitism. That is such an ignorant and outlandish slanderous claim. Retract or defend them publically in a debate.

In the video below he makes a shot-gun tirade against prewrath with hackneyed statements and misrepresentation. Among his many easily-refuted claims, he even commits the blundered and fallacious claim that the “aorist is the past tense”! Mr. Crone, temporal reference is not part of the meaning of a verb. Context gives us time, not the tense-form. This has been so thoroughly refuted in Greek linguistics for decades.

You are not able to defend that and all of your other blusterous claims against prewrath in a public moderated debate. You can make those in your safe space with the host Gary Stearman. But being challenged under cross-examination is another matter.  

I realize that pretrib circles such as Prophecy Watchers and other pretrib ministries are getting worried that prewrath is making major inroads. I am encouraged at that, and it makes sense to see this desperate reaction toward prewrath: Lie, distort, defame prewrath teaching. But defending your views biblically is what Christ would want us to do, yes?

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