Pretrib teacher Billy Crone continues to produce more prewrathers!

Gary Stearman, please continue to have Billy Crone on your show, because he is producing more ex-pretribbers and thus more prewrathers!

Crone’s colossal ignorance in his pretrib safe space is on display in the Prophecy Watchers below. It is truly amazing to watch his really bad argumentation. I am not kidding when I say this but I am embarrassed for him.

For those who may not be aware, prewrath is making MAJOR inroads into pretrib circles. I expect more of these desperate attempts to respond to prewrath.

It is no wonder why Crone refuses to defend his pretrib position in a public moderated debate with me.

Update: Prophecy Watchers took down the video soon after it was posted. I hope they put the video back up.

Second Update: They put it back up!


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