THE BIBLICAL PROPHECY PROGRAM is the #1 Bible Prophecy Audio Program in the Country! | Podcast, iTunes, Eschatology

In the last few months, iTunes, the standard podcast directory, has The Biblical Prophecy Program as the most popular, weekly, audio Bible prophecy program! And it happens to be…prewrath! Beating out all the audio pretrib, preterist, and other Bible-prophecy related programs. Why has The Biblical Prophecy Program become the most popular audio Bible prophecy program […]

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Interviewed on the Upcoming Wisconsin Prophecy Conference

This week I was interviewed on the largest Christian radio station in Western Wisconsin, WWIB. It was an excellent opportunity to explain the prewrath position for the listeners, warning them that God has ordained the last generation of the church to face the Antichrist, whether it is this generation or a future one. You can […]