The Dark History of Amillennialism – Its Beginnings    

Amillennialism Is a Historical Construct Imposed Upon Scripture The Reformers reformed a lot of what was needed in Christianity, particularly on the gospel itself. But the fact remains they did retain Roman Catholic baggage on the doctrine of eschatology. Oh sure they did tweak Roman Catholic amillennialism, but they still maintained amillennialism, not the premillennialism of the early church, and more importantly […]

Review of Barry Horner’s “Future Israel” by John Battle

Barry E. Horner, Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged (Nashville, Tenn.: B & H Academic, 2007). Pp. 394. Reviewed by John A. Battle. Barry Horner, pastor and author, believes that the conservative Christian church of our day—in particular, the Reformed branch of that church, to which he belongs and with which he is […]

The Beginnings of Amillennialism

The Beginnings of Amillennialism: Defective Hermeneutic, Spiritualizing, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Physical, and Over-Realized Eschatology I love the Reformers, Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, Carlstadt, et al. But they did not go far enough in their reforms, especially in their eschatology. However, we cannot blame them for they were preoccupied with reforming the doctrines of Scripture, Salvation, and the Church from the […]