The First Apocalypse of James

There is hype about a recent discovery of a Greek Gnostic manuscript, The First Apocalypse of James. The mainstream media, predicatively, hypes up this news for click bait. They sensationally tout this as some major significant discovery with the implication that this will change our traditional understanding of Jesus. It does not, at all. I […]

The Dark History of Amillennialism – Its Beginnings    

The Movie Noah was Based on Gnosticism, not Genesis

Christians who endorsed the movie Noah have some explaining to do now. And those who criticized me for calling this movie blasphemous. Brian Mattson documents this well. Here is an excerpt from his conclusion: Darren Aronofsky has produced a retelling of the Noah story without reference to the Bible at all. This was not, as […]

The Beginnings of Amillennialism

The Beginnings of Amillennialism: Defective Hermeneutic, Spiritualizing, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Physical, and Over-Realized Eschatology I love the Reformers, Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, Carlstadt, et al. But they did not go far enough in their reforms, especially in their eschatology. However, we cannot blame them for they were preoccupied with reforming the doctrines of Scripture, Salvation, and the Church from the […]