VIDEO of the Debate is Now Available!

The video of my debate with Tommy Ice is now available. Also, be sure to check out my post-debate commentary on the rapture debate page (on this same page you can make a donation which is appreciated).   Regards, Alan E. Kurschner  

Update on My Debate with Dr. Thomas Ice

UPDATE: Here is the debate     I appreciate Dr. Ice for accepting the invitation to debate. Not many pretrib teachers are willing to engage on this level—come to think of it, he is the only one! I am very pleased with how the debate went. The audio will be posted on this site in […]

ANTICHRIST Debate in Texas Next Month…

UPDATE HERE! Next month, I will be defending the biblical truth that the Church will face the Antichrist’s great tribulation before it is then raptured from the ensuing Day of the Lord’s wrath. Pretrib proponent Thomas Ice will attempt to argue against my position for a pretrib rapture with the rapture occurring before the Antichrist’s […]