Update on My Debate with Dr. Thomas Ice

UPDATE: Here is the debate     I appreciate Dr. Ice for accepting the invitation to debate. Not many pretrib teachers are willing to engage on this level—come to think of it, he is the only one! I am very pleased with how the debate went. The audio will be posted on this site in […]

Interviewed on Whether Matthew 24 Applies to the Church

Today, Chris White interviewed me on the subject of the applicability of Matthew 24. Does it apply to the Church or does it apply to “Jewish believers during the tribulation period” as pretribulationists claim.    

Audio: Is The Messiah in the Torah?

In the first half of the radio program below, Michael Brown adeptly walks through the Torah showing that indeed the Messiah figures in it. http://www.lineoffireradio.com/2012/04/26/the-messiah-in-the-torah-and-answers-to-jewish-objections/    

Who Ate Lunch with Abraham?

Dr. Brown interviewed messianic Jewish leader Asher Intrater on “seeing God” in the Bible in the first hour of his program. Asher authored the book Who Ate Lunch with Abraham, a book that I am ordering and looking forward to reading! This subject of Christophanies in the Old Testament is not just for Jewish apologetics […]

Michael Brown on Lies About Israel

In his The Line of Fire radio show, Michael Brown gave this excellent refutation of lies about Israel, which is worth sharing here. He also responded to an orthodox Jew who called into his show claiming that the Torah teaches that God cannot take any material form (i.e., Jesus cannot be God). How would you […]

The Early Church Fathers on the Second Coming