(VIDEO) The BACKSTORY to Scottie Clarke’s FIRST Failed Prediction of the Rapture

(For future reference, you can follow my ongoing series critiquing Scott Clarke’s “Great Sign of Revelation 12” theory at this link.) As a preface I want to say that I am not “attacking” Scottie Clarke personally. He seems like a nice and sincere person. My intention is to refute his theory which I believe is […]

False Teacher and Failed Date Setter Mark Biltz Makes a Most Dangerous Statement: ‘We are safe and have another seven years’

False teacher and failed date setter Mark Biltz whose failed prediction of Jesus’ return last month is at it again. Failed date setters do not repent—they double down. Biltz has contributed absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing to biblical prophecy in any meaningful sense of the term. (Why WND promotes Biltz when there are so many […]

“Prophecy Expert” Mark Biltz Predicted the Return of Yeshua for September 2015 (Next Month!)

In his own words: Mark Biltz: “people say I am setting dates for when Yeshua will return and will rapture all the saints. No, I am not. I have never set dates and never will. Mark Biltz He predicted that Yeshua will return the Fall of 2015.   Incidentally, here is Mark Biltz’s irresponsible and […]

Hebrew Roots and Biltz’s Blood Moons and Shemitah Theory – Ep. 6

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebiblicalprophecyprogram/006-Hebrew_Roots_Cult_and_Mark_Biltzs_Blood_Moons_and_Shemitah_Theory.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedI first talked about the “Hebrew Roots” movement.  I explained that the old covenant has been abrogated by Christ at his first coming and that new covenant believers are under the new law of Christ, not the Mosaic law, or even part of the Mosaic law such […]

Date-Setter Mark Biltz’s “Blood Moon 2014–2015” Theory

In the past, I have reported on Biltz’s theory and his date-setting claims he made in an interview with J. R. Church and Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News. To my knowledge he has not retracted his date-setting and apologized for it. J. R. Church: This we are going to see in 2015 on […]

Another Reason to Reject Steven Anderson’s Material: He is a Date-Setter

What part of Matthew 24:36 do date-setters not understand? “But as for that day and hour no one knows it—not even the angels in heaven–except the Father alone.” Recently, I posted why everyone should stay far away from Steven Anderson’s material. Here is another good reason. Anderson justifies a date-setting schema saying: “Have I not […]

The Folly of Date Setting…

Richard Klause writes: In reference to being able to know the time of Christ’s return a great and well-authenticated Bible scholar said this: “It is evident that, in the minds of most Christians today, Matt. 24:36 is believed to prohibit anyone from being able to see the day of our Lord’s return approaching. Matt. 24:36  states […]