Debate in Gettysburg PA: Joel Richardson and Bill Salus: MYSTERY BABYLON: ROME OR MECCA?

November 2-4, 2017 Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center 2634 Emmitsburg Road ♦ Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325 (717) 334-8121   For more INFO:  

A Reply to Pretrib Rapturist Bill Salus on His ‘Gap Between the Rapture and the Seven-Year Period’ Theory

There are a number of pretrib teachers who place a gap between the rapture and the day of the Lord/7 year period. They recognize (as prewrath teaches) that Scripture clearly states that certain events must happen “before the day of the Lord.” There are in fact four such explicit statements in Scripture. These pretrib teachers […]

A Stark Contrast between a PreWrath and PreTrib 2015 Bible Prophecy Conference – Ep. 11 Play in new window | Download | Embed I contrasted the stark features between an upcoming pretrib prophecy conference and a prewrath prophecy conference. The differences are telling. I talked about a material feature that the pretrib conference is promoting to get you to attend their conference!  I also could not find anywhere on […]

Announcement of an Upcoming Conference

I’ve been invited to speak January 4–6 at FUTURE CONGRESS 2 on the prewrath position (*Apparently the site is still being updated). This is not a prophecy conference per se. It includes prophecy issues, but the conference is unique in that it covers an array of issues. So as a disclaimer, I would not be […]