Which is it? Is Israel or America the center of Bible prophecy?

Many pop, pretrib, prophecy teachers, for example, Hebrew Roots Mark Biltz, always talk about how Israel is the center of Bible prophecy (which I agree). “Look to Israel” is the slogan. But when it is convenient for them (to stay relevant as proclaimed “prophecy teachers”) they will try to make events in America fulfill Bible […]

This is not a joke, Pastor Mark Biltz actually believes this…

This should prove to someone that Mark Biltz should never be trusted with speaking about biblical prophecy again (except of course the fact of his failed prediction of the date of Jesus’ return two years ago). Modern chapter-break division references and versification were not even created until the thirteenth and sixteenth century. In essence, then, […]

(VIDEO) Scott Clarke Contradicts Himself in His ‘Date-Suggesting’ Rapture Talk

Scott Clarke is the one responsible for originally theorizing and then promoting the “Rapture in Revelation 12/September 23rd interpretation,” something that has gone viral in recent months and will continue to do so until its failed fulfillment on the morning of September 24. Last week, he gave a talk at the “The Watchmen Signs in […]

False Teacher and Failed Date Setter Mark Biltz Makes a Most Dangerous Statement: ‘We are safe and have another seven years’

False teacher and failed date setter Mark Biltz whose failed prediction of Jesus’ return last month is at it again. Failed date setters do not repent—they double down. Biltz has contributed absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing to biblical prophecy in any meaningful sense of the term. (Why WND promotes Biltz when there are so many […]

If you need more evidence that Mark Biltz is a sensational “prophecy teacher” look no further…

I’m sorry but this is just nutty: Biltz, meanwhile sees more evidence something big is in the works by the Dow plunges on successive days last week. On Tuesday, he points out, the market dropped 358 points. The next day it dropped 530 points. Add those numbers up and you get 888, which Biltz says […]

“Prophecy Expert” Mark Biltz Predicted the Return of Yeshua for September 2015 (Next Month!)

In his own words: Mark Biltz: “people say I am setting dates for when Yeshua will return and will rapture all the saints. No, I am not. I have never set dates and never will. Mark Biltz He predicted that Yeshua will return the Fall of 2015.   Incidentally, here is Mark Biltz’s irresponsible and […]

Honestly, sometimes I feel I am the only one who is grieved by the sensationalism and misinformation out there on Bible prophecy

People seem to be freaking out about the near future. I don’t know why as a Christian. It is sadly ironic that Jesus said, “Make sure that you are not alarmed, for this must happen” and yet so many people are freaking out. When publishers print “the-sky-is-falling” books, it sends the wrong message to God’s […]

The Arrival of the Antichrist, NOT the “Blood Moons,” is What Christians Should Be Talking About

  Jesus, Paul, and a heavenly angel warn the church of the singular event that they must be prepared for before the second coming: the revelation of the Antichrist and his ensuing great tribulation against the church and Israel. “So when you see the abomination of desolation–spoken about by Daniel the prophet—standing in the holy […]

Is Chuck Missler of the Koinonia Institute Moving Away from the Pretrib Interpretation?

A friend sent me a quote from this week’s K-House Weekly eNews newsletter dated December 8, 2014, titled, “Rethinking the Blood Moon Coincidences.” It is written by William P. Welty under the auspices of Chuck Missler. FIRST, Welty refutes the Mark Biltz’s eclipse moon theory by a single grammatical point: As a Hebrew and Greek […]

A Reply to Jonathan Cahn’s Mystery of the Shemitah

David James has written a reply to Jonathan Cahn’s theory of the Shemitah.      

Hebrew Roots and Biltz’s Blood Moons and Shemitah Theory – Ep. 6

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebiblicalprophecyprogram/006-Hebrew_Roots_Cult_and_Mark_Biltzs_Blood_Moons_and_Shemitah_Theory.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedI first talked about the “Hebrew Roots” movement.  I explained that the old covenant has been abrogated by Christ at his first coming and that new covenant believers are under the new law of Christ, not the Mosaic law, or even part of the Mosaic law such […]